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Environment Plan

Environment Plan

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2023 Rules & Guides

2023 Rules & Guides

2023 Supp Regs

2023 Supp Regs

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Information about licenses used in Reliability Trials. …Read more

Got a Question?


Some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive are listed here. …Read more


Log Books

A log book will be supplied free to open competitors riding Reliability Trials, the same book must be presented by the competitor at each round of the Series as part of the necessary documents produced. …Read more

Road Trials

What’s the difference?

There has been confusion in recent times about the difference between a ‘Road Trial’ and a ‘Reliability Trial’. Simply put there is no difference! ‘Reliability Trials’ are the same as what was commonly called a Road Trial. …Read more

R U under 18yrs ?

Consent to Ride

If a Parent/Guardian cannot be present on the day to sign in a rider/passenger under the age of 18 years of age, a ‘temporary guardian’ can be appointed by a Parent/Guardian. …Read more

2023 Supplementary Regulations

2023 Supp Regs

2023 Series Supplementary Regulations are now available [here]

2023 SART Championship Dates

Rnd 1 –  6th May – Philp Haydon Trial

Rnd 2 – 27th May – Mike Connors Trial

Rnd 3 – 10th/11th June – Lew Job 2 Day Trial 

Rnd 4 – 12th August – Gil Harris Trial

Rnd 5 – 2nd September – River Murray Trial

Rnd 6 – 23th September – Beryl Pearse …Read more

2022 Series Results

Series Results up to Round 5. now available.

Outright, Class & Grade results available [Here]

Gil Harris Trial

PROMOTER: Levis Motorcycle Club

Levis MCC “Gil Harris Trial” (Formally Theo Nixon Trial). This event will be run in the Mallala district as a Day/Night format of 2 laps, and approximately 6 hours in total duration, starting at 12:01pm.

DOWNLOADS & LINKS [Competitor Information] [Competitor List & Start Times] …Read more

Lew Job 2 Day Trial


The ‘Lew Job 2 Day Reliability Trial’ will be run as one event over 2 days, each day consisting of approximately 6 hours in duration. start and finish will be at the Robertstown Oval, Saturday will be Day/Night format Sunday will be Daylight only.

Entry Queries Contact: Michael Kerin

 DOWNLOADS [Competitor …Read more

Beryl Pearse Trial

PROMOTER: Clare Motorcycle Club

The event will be a Daytime format of 2 laps and approximately 6 hours in total duration. Main Control located at the Clare Show Grounds.


[Competitor Information] [Competitor List & Start Times] …Read more

Mike Connors Trial

PROMOTER: Keyneton Motorcycle Club

Hosted by the Keyneton MCC this round returns to the Barossa district, starting at Keyneton oval. The trial shall be a day time format of 2 laps, and approximately 6-8 hours in total duration. This event has a competitor capacity limit and entry may be closed earlier if …Read more

River Murray Trial

PROMOTER: SAPMAC Motorcycle Club

The ‘River Murray Trial’ will be an all daytime format of 2 laps and approximately 6 hours in total duration in the Mannum district starting from Palmer Oval.

DOWNLOADS [Competitor Information] [Competitor List & Start Times]


…Read more

Rnd 7. Final Results

Beryl Pearse Trial – Clare September 25th …Final Results now [Available Here]