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Environment Plan

Environment Plan

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Motorcycling SA
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Protective Clothing

Each competitor will wear approved protective clothing and will maintain in good condition. Refer to chapter on Protective Clothing in the MA GCR/Manual. Helmets as per MA GCR/Manual & will be in good condition.

The minimum safety equipment of Helmet and Boots, must be presented to Machine Examiner for inspection

All machines, equipment and protective clothing presented must be in clean and good condition. If any machine, equipment or clothing is considered to be not clean when presented for scrutineering, you will be EXCLUDED from starting the event.

Helmet, goggles, gloves and boots etc maybe replaced during the event, when it is deemed to be no longer safe for the competitor to use. Replacement items must be passed by the Machine Examiner prior to starting the first lap and WILL be retained by the organising club or Committee until required.