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A historic term that dates back to the early years of the 20th century when cycling equipment was less reliable. The term also refers to motorsport events and are similar in concept. Riders take on tough off-road competitive sections timed to the second, linked by easy transport sections.

Rather like rallying, where drivers and their vehicles or riders and their motorcycles, must complete a designated course within a set time limit without recourse to outside help along the way.

Solos and Sidecars ride for over 6 hours, sometimes in the dark and the main aim is just to finish. All spare parts and tools have to be carried from the start. Reliability trials are a true test of the skill and determination of rider and passenger. Thorough machine preparation is vital as these Trials can be won or lost in the garage. Public roads are used, meaning all machines must be registered and roadworthy plus all riders require a civil licence.