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Q. How do I apply for a One Event Competition Licence.

A. Unfortunately the One Event Competition Licence is no longer available. You can only enter these events as a holder of a current Annual Senior National Licence. 


Q. What’s the difference between a ‘Road Trial’ and a Reliability Trial’?

A. There is no difference, ‘Reliability Trials’ are the same as what was commonly called ‘Road Trials’. …Read more>


Q. Does my bike have to be registered to ride these events?

A. Yes all machines must be registered and road worthy, they must comply to the Road Traffic Act and A.D.R’s. For competition only there is an exemption for Indicators, Rear Chain Guards and Pillion Passenger Foot Pegs.


Q. Where can i find an entry form to ride an event?

A. Entry forms are no longer used, registration to ride in theses events is via the MA Ridernet electronic online entry system only. If you already have a competition license you can enter an event through your rider profile. One Event licence can also be purchased at the time of entering.

If you have more than one machine or multiple clubs listed in your profile, please make sure you have selected the correct machine and club from your profile when entering.


Q. Does my Registration plate have to be issued by Motor Reg, or can it be home made out of a flexible material?

A. The only legal plate are those issued by the Motor Registration Department, as you are riding on public roads you have to abide by the road traffic act.


Q. How old do I have to be to ride these events?

A. You must be 16 years of age or older to ride, as you are required to hold a civil drivers license of the appropriate class to ride in any of these events.


Q. Do I need a Log Book?

A. No since the introduction of Self Scrutineering, Log Books have been abolished.