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Environment Plan

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Sidecar Specifications


The following information has been posted on this website as a general guide to setting up your machine for Reliability Trials, refer to the SA Reliability Trials Supplementary Rule Book for more indepth information, rules and requirements.


1. The sidecar must have a body of metal or some other substantial material.
2. Where a nose cone is fitted, the sidecar must have an overall length, excluding rear step if any, of at least 1270mm and overall  width of cockpit at least 380mm.
3. The width of the rear of the nose cone must be the same as the front of the cockpit and have a minimum height of 300mm.
4. The front of the nose cone must have minimum dimensions of 125mm wide and 125mm high or a radius of 65mm.
5. The nose cone must be at least 350mm long.
6. There must be no less than 4 attachment points between the sidecar and the motorcycle.
7. The sidecar body must be at least 920mm long, measured from the front plate or the rear of the nose cone, where fitted, to the rear of the body, excluding any fear step.
8. The width of the sidecar body must be at least 380mm.
9. A body which does not have a nose cone must be fitted with a front plate at least 300mm high. The front plate must be attached to form part of the body, with no space between the baseboard and the front plate.
10. The sides and rear of the body must be at least 200mm high.
11. The passenger must be protected from the rear wheel, primary and final drive of the motorcycle and the sidecar By:
(a) A mudguard:
(b) Either the sidecar body or the motorcycle, sidecar frame.  Where no such protection is provided, the rear and sidecar wheels must be valanced on the inside.
12. If the sidecar body is not fully enclosed then a door or doors must be used to complete the enclosure of the bodywork, and must be securely fastened when in both the open or closed positions. These doors may be opened in competitive sections, provided that there is sufficient protection for the passenger. Machines must be presented to machine examination with the said door or doors in the fully closed position.
13. A passenger seat must be fixed inside the body of the sidecar, the seat base must be padded to a minimum thickness of 25mm and shall be a minimum dimensions of 200mm x 150mm.
14. Passenger grab rails, handles may be fitted. Straps are prohibited.
15. Sidecar wheel drive is prohibited.
16. Protection must be provided between the sidecar body and motorcycle frame so as to prevent a competitor’s foot being trapped.
17. A Lanyard ignition cut out switch must be fitted and operational as per MoMS, the lanyard must be tethered to the rider whilst the machine is being ridden.